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Dwelling simultaneously within the Spectral Realm , where time was described as irrelevant, and the Material Realm , where time flowed linearly, the Elder God was capable of interacting with other entities in a chronologically-inconsistent manner. [1] [SR2] [DEF] [2] His enormous, cephalopodan form, typically shown submerged in subterranean water , appeared to thrive and expand in correlation with the decline of Nosgoth, and in the Soul Reaver era , his expanse occupied the Lake of the Dead . [SR2-C2] [SR2-C5] When the vampire Raziel was condemned for pupating beyond his master Kain, Kain ordered Turel and Dumah to cast his "prodigal son" into the Abyss at the heart of the lake. [1] [SR1-C1]

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Morlocks Submerged AliveMorlocks Submerged AliveMorlocks Submerged AliveMorlocks Submerged Alive