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In 1981 Grandmaster Flash released the song " The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel " which is notable for its use of many DJ scratching techniques. It was the first commercial recording produced entirely using turntables. In 1982, Malcolm McLaren & the World's Famous Supreme Team released a single " Buffalo Gals ", juxtaposing extensive scratching with calls from square dancing , and, in 1983, the EP, D'ya Like Scratchin'? , which is entirely focused on scratching. Another 1983 release to prominently feature scratching is Herbie Hancock 's Grammy Award -winning single " Rockit ". This song was also performed live at the 1984 Grammy Awards , and in the documentary film Scratch , the performance is cited by many 1980s-era DJs as their first exposure to scratching. The Street Sounds Electro compilation series which started in 1983 is also notable for early examples of scratching. Also a notable piece was "For A Few Dollars More" by Bill Laswell - Michael Beinhorn band Material , released on 12" single in Japan and containing scratch performed by Grand Mixer DXT , another pioneer of scratching.

Various Scratch SamplerVarious Scratch SamplerVarious Scratch SamplerVarious Scratch Sampler