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A freelance newsreel cameraman and cinema projectionist , Vidor made his debut as a director in 1913 with The Grand Military Parade . In Hollywood from 1915, he worked as a screenwriter and as director of a series of at least ten [4] short juvenile-delinquency films for Judge Willis Brown before directing his first feature, The Turn in the Road , in 1919. A successful mounting of Peg o' My Heart in 1922 won him a long-term contract with Goldwyn Studios (later to be absorbed into MGM ). Three years later he made The Big Parade , among the most acclaimed war films of the silent era, and a tremendous commercial success. This success established him as one of MGM's top studio directors for the next decade. In 1928, Vidor received his first Oscar nomination, for The Crowd , widely regarded as his masterpiece and one of the greatest American silent films. In the same year, he made the classic Show People , a comedy about the film industry starring Marion Davies (in which Vidor had a cameo as himself), and his much-loved screwball comedy The Patsy , which also starred Davies and was his last silent film.

After the salute, The Queen attended a reception, where she spoke to some members of the regiment, and received a posy from a young girl.

Earl King Street ParadeEarl King Street ParadeEarl King Street ParadeEarl King Street Parade