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The Smile sessions were intentionally limited to recording short interchangeable fragments also referred to as "modules". [54] With "Good Vibrations", Wilson further expanded his modular approach to recording, experimenting with compiling the finished track by editing together the numerous sections from multiple versions recorded at the lengthy tracking sessions. [nb 4] Instead of taping each backing track as a more-or-less complete performance—as had been the model for previous Beach Boys recordings—he split the arrangement into sections, recording multiple takes of each section and developing and changing the arrangements and the production as the sessions proceeded. He sometimes recorded the same section at several different studios, to exploit the unique sonic characteristics or special effects available in each. Then, he selected the best performances of each section and edited these together to create a composite which combined the best features of production and performance. This meant that each section of the song was presented in its own distinct sonic envelope, rather than the homogeneous production sound of a conventional "one take" studio recording. The cut-up structure and heavily edited production style of Smile was unique for its time in mainstream popular music, [40] [57] [58] and to assemble an entire album from short musical fragments was a relatively bold undertaking. [55]

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Ryan Moore , who drummed on studio and live performances for the Legendary Pink Dots, left to work on his own musical outlet, the Twilight Circus Dub Sound System . He wrote and produced albums for Michael Rose of Black Uhuru , and has worked with other reggae figures such as Sly Dunbar .

The Legendary Pink Dots AsylumThe Legendary Pink Dots AsylumThe Legendary Pink Dots AsylumThe Legendary Pink Dots Asylum