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Following the reactivation in 2011 of The Mob , the label was relaunched in 2012 as All The Madmen Records Ltd; a collective trading company.

One of the first cases of lynching was reported in 2006, when four people were lynched over a land dispute at Kherlanji in Maharashtra's Bhandara district. On September 29, 2016, a mob of at least 50 villagers stormed into Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange's house, and lynched four members of his family. Bhotmange's wife Surekha and their daughter Priyanka were paraded naked in the village and sexually abused before brutally murdering them. The attack was after these women filed a police complaint against 15 villages who thrashed a relative. Eight out of 11 accused were convicted this January.

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The Mob Crying AgainThe Mob Crying AgainThe Mob Crying AgainThe Mob Crying Again