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I did one of my first ever spreads for The Face magazine in March 1992, and it was for an article on Kraftwerk. I was so lucky – here was a band whose electronic experimentation I was really influenced by, and who had paved the way for many of the industrial bands I was working with at the time – like Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle – and who had themselves also been as deeply influenced by the same Soviet graphics and propaganda that, together with punk and Dadaism, had been so fundamental for me at college. It was a kind of test, and my passion for this project led Nick Logan to give me the visual design of the magazine to do from that point on. Thanks, Kraftwerk, or my career might have been very different.

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 · Showroom dummies: the Kraftwerk robots , Berlin, 2015. Photograph: Peter Boettcher/Neue National Galerie, Berlin

Robot: Black Ice Type: Shooter Team: Team Black Ice Dan Barry (Captain/Driver/Electrical), Dan Parrish (Fabricator/Mechanical/Art) Hometown: South Hadley, MA Sponsors: Banebots, LLC Website: – Builder: Dan Barry Job: Dan Barry: robotics engineer Dan Parrish: pediatrician Years competing: Rookie Favorite tool: Hammer Favorite robot: Daneel (Asimov) Interesting fact: Dan Barry: I like flying upside down Dan…

The German synth-gods who usually sing about the autobahn and robots took a side trip to space in this electronic ode to a space station on their "Man-Machine" album, likely inspired by then-current Skylab.

The rippling 16th-note synth lick that repeats throughout the song was sampled by Bruce Forest in the remix of dance act Twenty 4 Seven 's 1990 single " I Can't Stand It! " The influence of this later single's success on the re-release the following year of "The Robots" has not been measured.

Robot: Brutus Type: Shooter Team: Team Brutus Adam Bercu (Captain), Andrew Berkowitz, Esther Shang, Joel Greenwood Hometown: Somerville, MA Sponsors: Equals Zero Designs, Solidworks Website: – Builder: Adam Bercu Job: Neurotechnology Engineer Years competing: 13 years Favorite tool: Plasma Cutter Favorite robot: The modern smartphone Interesting fact: I’ve been involved in robot combat for over…

Kraftwerk The Robots SpacelabKraftwerk The Robots SpacelabKraftwerk The Robots SpacelabKraftwerk The Robots Spacelab