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Experience Unlimited (.) who originally formed in 1974 was a band more influenced by rock (their name a nod to the Jimi Hendrix Experience [9] ), that started out in the 1970s. After witnessing Rare Essence in the late-1970s, they modified their style to incorporate the go-go beat. Kurtis Blow 's "Party Time" subsequently put them on the map to be later tracked down by Grace Jones and to take the King of Go-Go Production, Maxx Kidd to an international level with Island Records , then on to make their greatest hit for the soundtrack of School Daze written, directed and produced by Spike Lee .

Now we´re talking! This is the real deal! FUNK!!

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[Verse 1: A Boogie]
The summer's over, before it started I took it over
The real artist, I go and draw it then paint it over
Last year me and sosa was sleepin' on sofas
Now I spend 10k just to fuck up my sofa
I got love for my brothers Snoopy, Don and Bubba
It's family first and we always look out for each other
The other day we was rollin' and the boys pulled us over
I keep a stash box, I know they was lookin' for toasters
The block was mad hot, we knew bitches wanna come over
It get mad hot, your enemies wanna be closer
They get mad and then the person they […] it's over
It get bad out there, nigga, they shoulda known
That I'm a grown-ass man, I do what I wanna do
It get cold out there, nigga, so I be in the booth
Started out in the hooptie, nigga, now I be in the coupe
Come through in my hoodie, I ain't into an interview
Got caught up in the bookings, gave the laces up to my shoes
They don't wanna see me hang laces off of my Louis shoes
Worked on keepin' it easy, know how to keep my cool
All bankrolls, don't need to know what the pieces do
I don't know why you beggin', told you bitch I ain't eatin' you
Niggas feel a way when you treat 'em how they been treatin' you
Nigga, watch what you say, don't play us, start to believe it's true
So notorious with it, Gleezy with me, he keep the tool

[Bridge: A Boogie]
My flow so remarkable
I go so retarded, loco
My clothes all designer though
I put bozos inside a chokehold
I go so retarded though
Put bozos inside—
Na na na na na na, Don!

[Verse 2: Don Q]
My vision is clear, I'm the reason why these niggas is here
Tie the rope around your own neck, I'm kickin' the chair
Man up! Stop livin' with fear! I'm with the same gang
Ain't changed, too much traffic, you gotta make lanes
First of the month? I couldn't wait 'til that day came
Look, I deliver, take shorts and I take change
Guess it's my fault all we knew was the sidewalk
You feelin' froggy, leap, I ain't with the fly talk
I got the key to the city and I ain't makin' copies
Tryna get a key in my city? I gotta wait for papi
To make sure it's all there you gotta weigh it properly
Niggas watch my moves and try to plagiarize me
Switch plans, niggas careers in quick sand
Pitch tan or go invest in a quick scam
It's niggas that wanna hit you 'til the clip jam
So I stay close to an arm, I'm like a wristband
I'm Raekwon on the Purple Tape
Call an audible if they heard the play
Niggas impersonate tryna perpetrate
Gettin' paid early, I was workin' late
A job? I couldn't wait for work, I had work to weigh
I'm prolly on that purple drank or that brown water
And I'm still with them niggas that get the pounds ordered
He showin' off for the bitches then that's a clown for ya
They only there when you up, look
One of the last niggas left, packed stash in the sweats
We just want to push fast cars and cash bigger checks
Cops pull up? I turn into Flash in the flesh
'Cause I came a long way from gettin' harassed in the jects
Fuck your badge and your check, I spent that on a whole zip
Leave with my froze wrist if I kill on this road trip
Pull up to my old strip, same block where the coke pick
Same block where the poles spit, niggas shootin' like, "Oh—"
White bitch named Caroline, she traffic in the caravan
The trunk look like an Avalanche
I move it out to Maryland
Always have a plan, take your loved ones out the hood
Not a vacation, my nigga, I'm talkin' out for good
Look, it was tough times, now we fuck dimes
I fuck niggas bitches, how can I trust mine?
Punchlines, remember freestylin' on the lunch line
Niggas said he was nice in the school, I'm who they come find
Look, nigga, Cuban linked up
With some niggas that'll make you give your Cuban link up
Pull up and they think they seen a brinks truck
You buy drinks, we just buy the bottles and let the bitches drink up
School of hard knocks was the class we takin'
Sad to say I've been to more funerals than graduations
School of hard knocks was the class we takin'
Sad to say I've been to more funerals—
I'ma keep goin' with shit

[Interlude: Funk Master Flex]
They know what it is
It's Hot 97
Funk Flex, A Boogie, Don Q
Highbridge the label
We here

[Verse 3: Don Q]
This for them niggas that said that I never could do it
This that go and hit the street commit a felony music
And I get it for the low, you could never refuse it
I can get you the drugs, you gon' sell it or use it
But listen, I had a dream to become a kingpin
But the line between that and the cell seemed thin
My head above water, I'm tryin' not to sink in
It's gettin' hard, I'm already knee-deep in
They didn't have no evidence on you, speak then
Indicted yourself, you was only here for a weekend
Secrets you know in the street, you supposed to keep in
Went from a trip to bookings straight to the Beacon
I'll tell you how it's goin' to play out, this shit predictable
Your main bitch fuckin' your mans, she still visit you
Side bitch got knocked up, she put a kid on you
The wounds you can see but the pain is invisible
When you hustle for nights, thuggin' for stripes
Thinkin' that them fake niggas was your brothers for life
You just want to call home tell your mother good night
Make you wanna point a Vic' out and blooded your knife
At this point you just feelin' like nothin' is right
But it's a part of the game when you in love with the life
Hold your chin up proud; and I know it's gettin' hard
For my niggas in the yard doin' chins up now
See, I been uptown, Bubba been uptown
I kept it real for so long, why would I switch up now?
Still runnin' with niggas that hit up crowds
So when it's on, put the women and the kids up now
Everybody can get it, everybody's a critic
But when you start sayin' names everybody's a cricket
You ain't even worth the bullets I got in the Smith'N
Might take a Jim Stahl: fill his body with stitches
See, I'm one of the elite, comin' from the street
Niggas dumpin' out the jeep, make you stumble out your sneaks
I just wanna blow a mil', spend a hunnit on a piece
They lookin' for my tape, most wanted on the beat
When you ribs get to touchin' and your stomach gettin' weak
We the wolves in the jungle that was huntin' all the sheep
You got to keep a stash whenever the joints came in
Niggas tappin' them bags, I call it point shavin'
You see joints blazin', they aimed thangs rapid
So close to blood it stain they jacket
I ain't happy 'til I'm in that chain Maybach'in'
Or in Power sittin' in that James St. Patrick
That's a Ghost if you lames ain't catch it
Outta my mind snappin' top of the line fabric
Inside pocket, I'm hidin' the loud package
In one of those you gotta have thousands to buy jackets

[Outro: Don Q]
Faggots! Bridge, nigga!
You know what the fuck it is, nigga!

So we got a lift over to Basie which is a bit closer to Ichinoseki Station, and I started to get excited, nervous, jumpy. Calling ahead to check the opening hours at Basie a few days earlier, my dear Mrs. Jazz had said the owner was quite brusque and unfriendly on the phone...what if he was as intimidating in person? What if the place was a disappointment after all the build up and expectation? The wall of flyers at the entrance was my first hint that, NO, I would not be disappointed here.

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In the end, Quincy Jones became more than just a player. He probably would have never had the same impact on modern American music had he remained only a trumpeter. Though competent on the instrument, he could not attain the virtuosic heights of the players he most admired: Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Fats Navarro, Art Farmer, and, especially, Clifford Brown.

Funk Masters Its OverFunk Masters Its OverFunk Masters Its OverFunk Masters Its Over