Pete jolly seasons - Read It Again!: Pete the Cat Christmas Extravaganza

Minnie is not without her foibles, however. She can be passive at times, which forces her to deal with an excessive amount of tomfoolery at the hands of her friends (" Daisy Bothers Minnie ", " Third Wheel "). She can also be extremely stubborn and doesn't take orders (or even advice) from anyone, always going by her own rules and doing what she believes is best. Though this is a positive trait in that it makes her independent and confident, it also leads her to act rash and compulsive, at least until she realizes the troubles she's caused (" Eau de Minnie ", " Doggone Biscuits ").

Take Entertaining to the Next Level on November 7 with Naam Pruitt; Mediterranean Seafood to Dive For on November 13 with Giannicola Colucci, of Four Seasons

Panicking after witnessing the immense herd of Whisperers,  Gabriel Stokes , of Alexandria, who was keeping watch in a water tower for the advancement of the Whisperers, abandons his position and begins descending the ladder, begging for help. He suddenly loses his hold on the ladder and falls, only for his right foot to become lodged on one of its railings leaving him stuck and in agonizing pain as his leg snaps. A voice addresses Gabriel's pleas which is revealed to belong to Beta, who "releases" Gabriel by slicing open his abdomen. Beta and the Whispers continue on their journey as Gabriel is devoured near to the bone by the horde.

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Pete Jolly SeasonsPete Jolly SeasonsPete Jolly SeasonsPete Jolly Seasons