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1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow is a new archival 2CD and digital collection from The Beach Boys , released worldwide on June 30 by Capitol/UMe. 1967-ST features producers Mark Linett and Alan Boyd 's new, first-ever stereo mix of The Beach Boys' 1967 Wild Honey album and throws open the legendary band's vault to debut 54 sought-after 1967 rarities, 50 years after they were put to tape. Previously unreleased highlights on the new collection include The Beach Boys' shelved "live" album, Lei'd in Hawaii , studio recordings from the Wild Honey and Smiley Smile album sessions, and several standout concert recordings spanning 1967 to 1970. Wild Honey 's new stereo mix will also debut in a 180-gram vinyl 50th anniversary edition on July 21. More information . (updated 6-30-17)

It was probably a wise choice by Capitol Records to put Beach Boys' Party! and Stack-o-Tracks together on one CD because those are the two original LPs by the group that are likely to be appreciated most by hardcore fans (whereas Wild Honey , Friends , et al., have much broader potential audiences). Both of these records provide a look behind and inside of the group, and constitute, in a sense, almost musical documentaries of the work behind their sound -- Beach Boys' Party! was a kind of "unplugged" album of its day, with the band and a few friends and colleagues (including an uncredited Dean Torrence ) relaxing in the studio, strumming and singing along to some of their favorite songs -- and also having some fun at the expense of a few contemporary figures; the version of "Times They Are a-Changin'," for example, may have played to Al Jardine 's folk inclinations, but it gave the rest of the group a chance for some frat-boy-style japes at Dylan 's and the folk music movement's earnestness. Stack-o-Tracks , by comparison, is sort of the Beach Boys ' karaoke album, made up of the finished backing instrumental tracks to the group's songs, including many of their biggest hits -- these tracks (which, as one would expect, are thoroughly polished) reveal as much about the internal makeup of the group's songs as the Beach Boys' Party! cuts do about the members' influences, likes, and dislikes. Neither would ever be a first listening choice for 99 percent of the group's fans, although together they make for a delightful evening's Beach Boys ambience, and they are fascinating documents. [This two-on-one CD originally appeared in 1990 with okay sound, then in a spring 2001 remastering that is even better, with cleaner and sharper sound.]

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