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B ut where in Serkis’s previous roles there was always a sense you were watching a clever special effect, the digital characters here – created in tandem with the ape actors by the effects house Weta Digital – hit whatever brain-lulling degree of subtlety and detail is required to make the effect itself just melt away from sight. All that’s left are the actors’ performances – except somehow they’re being given by orangutans and chimps.

In the film’s press materials, Spinelli admits to being in thrall to Martin Scorsese’s “GoodFellas,” and the influence is particularly clear in a headlong final act that deals with the souring of Seal’s questionably achieved American dream. But “American Made” lacks the sense of moral reckoning and self-effacing human irony it needs to achieve the emotional payoff or tragicomic heft of “American Hustle,” let alone Scorsese’s masterwork. Based on a true story or otherwise, it winds up simply as another sharp, spit-shined Tom Cruise jet, and not a bad one at that: The genius of Cruise’s superstardom may be that he can make even the scuzziest American scoundrel seem, like Ethan Hunt or Maverick Mitchell, untouchably heroic. When those aviators are on, all bets are off.

At one point, the Colonel and Caesar have a riveting one-on-one discussion about the enduring conflict and its possible outcomes. “You’re impressive,” the Colonel keeps saying, as if unable to grasp that Caesar is really sentient. Relatedly, there were some in my screening audience who giggled throughout the entire thing, as if seeing chimps riding horses, or wearing manacles and breaking rocks with pickaxs, was simply a series of zany animal-show stunts. They couldn’t have done a better job of proving the film’s point: People can be willfully blind to the humanity in any species but their own.

Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America? [Editor's Note: There is no doubt in my mind that guillotines are being stored on selected military bases in America. Pam Schuffert had first hand conversations with people who have seen them. I'm equally convinced that crematoriums have been installed on many of the larger FEMA concentration camps, both here on the mainland and in Hawaii. Pam Schuffert accurately foretold of coming events when she titled her web site " American Holocaust " from its inception in the 1990s. Ronald Reagan, New World Order Bedtime Bonzo that he was, sold us out by signing away our fate to the dictates of Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis with the Talmudic interpretation of the " Noahide Laws " enshrined in Public Law 102-14 , signed in 1983 by Bonzo. This federal statutory "law", which can be invoked at any time, established the legal grounds for EXECUTION by decapitation, anyone who is found guilty of " avoda zara " (idol worship) which according to halachic Judaism authority Maimonides, includes anyone who worships Jesus Christ (source: Michael Hoffman's impressive 2008 tome, Judaism Discovered ). I do not concur with the Christian fundamentalist belief in The End Times , the Rapture , the physical return of Christ , Armageddon, or the Millennium which I have identified as British Israel , however, I have no quarrel with those who do just as long as they aren't aiding and abetting the New World Order, as exemplified by the so-called Christian Zionists of the John Hagee variety. Our shamefully dumbed-down American public refuses to take these warnings seriously because they cannot imagine that the betrayal is as huge as it actually is and they are so utterly dependent on what they witness locally , meaning that since they don't see the the 12 foot high barb wire fence around FEMA concentration camps in their neighborhoods , they must not exist and this woman is merely making up wild stories! Woe be to you Foolish America when they come for you and your family...Ken Adachi] by Pamela Schuffert <[email protected]>
February 15, 2009 Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America? by Pam Schuffert (Feb. 15, 2009) The GUILLOTINES (modern military/metal, both imported and made in USA, present in many of our US military bases, and also installed in certain varieties of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES prepositioned nationwide for martial law according to eye-witness accounts)are here for only one purpose, in today's modern society.

http:///search?hl=en&q=boysel+guillotines+fort+lewis&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq= They are here to fulfill the purpose of THE NOAHIDE LAWS legislation signed by George Bush Sr., as part of the procedure of implementing the coming WORLD GOVERNMENT OF ANTICHRIST (NWO), and that is TO BEHEAD ALL OFFENDERS OF THE NOAHIDE LAWS provisions for EXECUTION of people (Gentiles) guilty of "IDOLATRY" and "BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD."


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Bedtime For Bonzo Have A Nice DayBedtime For Bonzo Have A Nice DayBedtime For Bonzo Have A Nice DayBedtime For Bonzo Have A Nice Day