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The Black Knight's true identity was unknown in Path of Radiance , save for the fact that the Black Knight was once a student of General Gawain . In Radiant Dawn , his identity was revealed to be General Zelgius, Earl of Kadohl, the greatest general of Begnion, and the right-hand man to Prime Minister Sephiran . He was also one of the Branded , which he revealed to Sephiran, who provided him with the blessed sword Alondite and the blessed black armor. It is implied that he is the general of Prime Minister Sephiran, Duke of Persis ' personal army.

Symbiote: an organism living in a state of symbiosis, the living together of two dissimilar organisms. Fight. Protect. Serve. An army of the alien symbiote has reached Earth and is plaguing New York City... no, the WORLD! Only one person can lead an attack on these aliens: Spider-Man. Fight Venom and other villains from the Marvel Universe and ally yourself with some of its heroes as the fight for Earth closens and only you can help Spidey win his battle. Written by nmfan101

Shadows Of Knight Back Door MenShadows Of Knight Back Door MenShadows Of Knight Back Door MenShadows Of Knight Back Door Men