Mushi mushi i been watching you - Reading Mushi Asobi (Original) Hentai by CHIBA Tetsutarou.

Those seem to be the agreed-upon basics. For my sources and additional details, you can check out the following sites (in Japanese – maybe try Google translate):
Dorcus Oita
Marubo Land
Mushi Kichi
Tsuki Mushi

Although he led his team to a third place finish at TI3, Mushi walked away from Orange Esports, moved to China and joined Team DK during the post-TI3 roster shuffle.

The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons and The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits are available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Once the threat of Orochi had passed, the villagers celebrated the newfound peace in the village's annual festival . Mushi was seen playing with Kokari and the boys' dogs. He told Amaterasu that he and Hayabusa will be best friends forever, adding that he knew all along that Chu was not the real Hayabusa, because the real Hayabusa never would have let his father die alone, but instead stand up until the end against the monsters. He and Chu went back to trying to break Amaterasu's turnip digging record, but in reality, Mushi also had a new goal in mind: becoming a hero who would protect the weak just like Hayabusa, and according to Chu, his dream will come true some day.

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Mushi Mushi I Been Watching YouMushi Mushi I Been Watching YouMushi Mushi I Been Watching YouMushi Mushi I Been Watching You